How tall is Fousey?

FouseyTube, also referred to by the name of Yousef Erakat, has been an eminent web presence since 2011, and is gaining a following through his prank videos as well as Vlogs. He was also involved in a fight between Slim Albaher and Deji, being defeated by both adversaries. Despite this however, he is still a fervent creator of content and has recently gotten in touch with a variety of new characters like Kick streaming artist Adin Ross.

Famous for provoking controversy FouseyTube’s history includes a variety of controversial events. One of the most notorious was his widely-publicized “July 15 event,” advertised with the title “Hate Dies, Love Arrives,” that he claimed as the upcoming Coachella. It ended in failure, which prompted him to take a hiatus of social media.

After 2021, he began to create content and incorporating live streaming in the YouTube ventures. Despite battling mental health issues such as bipolar disorder and anxiety his upbeat attitude and confident manner of speaking was the hallmark of his success. The year 2015 was the first time he was awarded nominations for the Streamy Awards, winning the “Show of the Year” and receiving a nomination in the “Pranks” category.

At a reported 5’11” height” according to, Fousey falls slightly shorter than Logan Paul but taller than Deji. KSI is another influential person, and is almost as tall as him, and is reported to be with a height of 5’10”.

Following his break, Fousey made a comeback by diversifying his stream with books and getting verified as a streaming artist on Kick. Recently, there were speculations about his connections to Ross’s sister. However, Fousey denies any connection. Although his influence may not be as strong as it was in the past, FouseyTube remains adept at captivating his audience and keeping their interest.

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